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Vizlib Custom Report v3.3.0 released!

Release Date: 17/12/19

- [CL-1132]: Adding selections/filter ability to Custom Report dimensions

The custom report dimensions can now be filtered in the dimensions pane, even if they are not being rendered in the custom visualisation.

- [CL-446]: Add Support for Alternate States 

Alternate states support added to the Vizlib Custom Report

 - [CL-857]: Improve Data Sets and Preset list 

Lists have been improved and the order can be customised. Longer lists are now scrollable

- [CL-465]: Introduce "Force background color" setting for custom report

Background colors for native and Vizlib objects can now have forced color settings to enhance theming capabilities. 

- [CL-804]: Context menu options for Vizlib Pivot

Highlight rows on hover functionality has been added to the context menu

- [CL-857]: Improve switch dataset options in context menu

Added option to return to default data set

- [CL-843]: Warning messages when using Vizlib visualisations

Some warning messages appeared in the browser console

- [CL-1159]: Drag and drop to dataset does not work in Qlik Sense September 2019

Drag and drop to dataset did not work in Qlik Sense September 2019

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