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Export Excel : issue with null values


it would be very useful to take into account the null values  (re^resented with a dash '-', during excel export. 

Let me explain : 

The dash is exported in Excel that can cause some Excel formula to crash.

     As a consequence, the user need after export to replace the '-' by blank value. And he needs to take care to replace the whole cell ! If he just replace the '-', he will transform negative values into positive values !! Very dangerous ! 

So :

             * We need an option to transform null values in blank values during the export

             * or a more general option to replace in the QlikSense pivot table, null values by a real character or blank or 0. This was possible in QlikView, but not in qliksense. We have tried with usual NULLASVALUE and others script functions without no luck.  This would be also needed for the  table widget

  • Hi Bosc,

    Thanks for raising this with us - is this in reference to the formatted export that we offer?

  • Hi Bosc,

    If this also includes the standard export (Fast export option), then this is a request for Qlik Sense

  • There's an existing feature request for this which has garnered some popularity and is listed as "Planned".

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