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Sorting by measure in pivot table / Vizlib pivot table in custom report

Hello Could you consider adding the possibility to sort by measure in a pivot table (and in the Vizlib pivot table / custom report) ? example - possiblity to sort asc year 2019 where measure gathers sales by year (ie from year n-3 to year n) Thanks

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  • Hi Patrice!

    Thanks for your feedback, I believe this is quite valuable to do

    Qlik does not allow sorting by measures (sorting relies solely on dimensions). We may be able to consider a workaround that respects this and still provides the functionality that you and other customers are interested in

  • It would be great to have a sorting in the pivot table as we do in a normal table. The expectation is sorting of the pivot table either through measure or dimension and the whole table gets sorted accordingly. This is an explicit feature expectation from our client.

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  • Hi i was entering this request.
    I think this topic is a bit old with 11 months, because Qlik allows now the sorting by measure- see example:

    When i use Qlik Pivot Table i can select, that the dimension is sorted by the first measure.


    I can't find the option by vizlib.
    I use the way to implement the measure code into sorting the dimension by formular, but this is not confortable!


    In a normal Vizlib table it is so cool to click on a measure and then it sorted by it.

    So do you have an other solution yet or in feature, or do i have to use the "creative way" i described...

    so I would be happy if this is discussed again and brought forward!


  • Hi,

    I have revisited this a bit and we will add the option to sort by first dimension to work for the later versions of Qlik Sense (I will have to check from what version Qlik added that feature but it will of course only be available from that version onward.)

    This is still rather limited but I hope it gives a bit more flexibility. (As mentioned earlier in this thread we do have some limitations in Qlik relative to performance to consider.)

    Kind regards


  • Thanks Michael for bumping into the thread. I have not seen this feature in Qlik Server Sept 2019 patch 1.

    In this version, the only possibility is to pre-order a measure (in designer). The user can not sort by measure himself


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