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Sorting by measure in pivot table / Vizlib pivot table in custom report

Hello Could you consider adding the possibility to sort by measure in a pivot table (and in the Vizlib pivot table / custom report) ? example - possiblity to sort asc year 2019 where measure gathers sales by year (ie from year n-3 to year n) Thanks

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  • Hi Patrice!

    Thanks for your feedback, I believe this is quite valuable to do

    Qlik does not allow sorting by measures (sorting relies solely on dimensions). We may be able to consider a workaround that respects this and still provides the functionality that you and other customers are interested in

  • It would be great to have a sorting in the pivot table as we do in a normal table. The expectation is sorting of the pivot table either through measure or dimension and the whole table gets sorted accordingly. This is an explicit feature expectation from our client.

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