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Climber Finance Report - Wrap Column Heading


In regards to the Climber Finance Report - is it possible to wrap/break the column's heading into several lines to create a smaller column width? The goal is to shrink the cell width to it's minimum width, so the cell values are tighter, instead of spaced out.

Any suggestions with a short-term CSS fix would be much appreciated, as we're embedding the object onto a site.

Thank you


    If anyone in the future is looking for a solution via custom CSS, the below worked for us.

    .cl-financial-report__th > span {









        margin3px auto;





  • Hi Luke,

    Where do you enter the custom CSS code?



  •  Hello Dat

    We used the Climber Finance Report in a Mashup at the time - so it was placed in our website's CSS.

    Kindest Regards


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