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Export2Excel icon in the VL Table

When VL Table (3.6.4) is a part of a VL Container, there is no chance to Export data to Excel. 

Right mouse button hover Container object, but not the objects included in the Container.

In the VL Pivot Table object there is an option Interactivity.Pivot Header Actions.Show Export Button Icon.

I was surprised when couldn't find same option in VL Table. I believe it should be one of the basic options in any object.

Same functional in the VL Table could resolve an issue highlighted above.

Can you please add this 'Export to Excel' button into VL Table?

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  • Hi Roman, Thanks for the feedback! We're already planning how and where best we can add this option in, something that is suitable for all forms of the Vizlib Table. We'll keep you posted here via the forum
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