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Pivot table : Ability to sort sub dimensions by measure


>THere is major improvemnt to ring to pivot tables: Sort by measure, and including sorting in sub dimension. Let me explain.

You can sort the 1st dimension by measure. But if you expand 1 cell of the 1st dimension , sort is not applied on the sub dimension . This is very frustrating. We have tried to apply some set analysis and      

      conditional formula, try several way found on internet, but all have issues, and are not functioning.

      Example that works in Excel: CONTINENT SORT BY UNITS measure


Then I open FAR EAST ASIA cell : In FAR EAST ASIA, the SIZE dimension is sorted by UNITS too



etc, with the other sub dimensions (this should work even if I have 4,5,etc... dimensions, and also if I have dimensions in columns). 

Currently impossible to do that with QLIKSENSE, as far as I know, even with set analysis in the Sort section.


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