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Vizlib Bar Chart - Overlapping Bars with Bar Offsets


The Overlapping bar feature in Bar Chart is very helpful. However there's a limit on the number of overlapping bars(5). Can this be increased?

Also, please provide an offset option for each bar to start at some dynamic point instead of 0. Below is one such use case we need it for.

There is a patient staying at hospital waiting for something in order to get discharged. We are tracking these waits through bar charts. Say the total days at hospital as of today is 30 days, and he's waiting from past 14 days on something to get discharged. To show this in a bar graph, you have a bar for 30 days(Length of Stay), in order to show the point that he's waiting from the other bar should start from 16(30-14) days up until 30 days.  Attached is one such example.

Please include this feature as it's available in Qlikview and also will help other users.



(15.5 KB)

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  • Subscribe to this request... there are years now that I am missing this option !

    Both QV and Vizlib has some options to create some waterfall, and some bar charts withoud offset, but all are so limited in so many ways... 

    Qlikview still rules , despite the old look&feel...

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