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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.10.0 released!

Release Date: 17/01/20

- [VSP-1169]: Cannot use Qlik bookmark after adding pivot table

Qlik Bookmarks Manager was appearing empty

- [VSP-1142]: Pivot Table not accept the styling set Totals

Totals styling was not being applied

- [VSP-1094]: Pivot Table shows extra border in story export

An extra border was showing at the bottom of Vizlib Pivot Tables in story snapshot exports

- [VSP-1140]: Remove unnecessary input box from Text is URL

An unnecessary input box was shown within the property panel

- [VSP-892], [VSP-988]: Thousands Separator missing from Export file 

Thousands separators were not appearing in excel export (this is now working when using the number formats provided, this will not work with custom formats)

- [VSP-974]: Duplicated Zero when using Formatted as Number

An additional digit showed in some formatted exports

- [VSP-908]: Pivot produces error in stories if titles are used in stories

An error was produces when titles layers were added to a Qlik Sense Story

- [VSP-1157]: Qlik Maps breaking with Vizlib Pivot Table

A conflict between these objects caused Qlik Maps to show only the base/default map layer

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