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Vizlib Filter v3.1.0 released!

Release Date: 20/01/20

- [VSP-841]: Add ability to disable border/corner rounding in "drop down" filter

More styling options are available for the drop-down mode of the Vizlib Filter 

- [VSP-1235]: Support for Alternate States in Vizlib Actions

Vizlib Actions in the Vizlib Filter now work with different alternate states (when the option is enabled)

- [VZB-2688]: "Access is denied" message occured after duplicating sheet on server 

Error messages shown after duplicating sheets on server

- [VSP-1238]: Field selection action triggered before making selection

The field selection action is now triggered after making selections, it was previously triggering before

- [VSP-1200]: Invalid parameters 

An error message appears intermittently "Invalid parameters"

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