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Vizlib Gantt v1.1.0 released!

Release Date: 22/01/20

[VZB-2403]: Custom Periods

Add custom periods to highlight areas of significance. Custom periods can be added across the entire Gantt, or into groups and sub-groups. They can by dynamically configured so that they change along with your tasks/events.

[VZB-2500]: Custom Milestones

Can be added to highlight key project milestones using symbols, icons (over 600), or a custom image of your choosing. Add custom images to your Gantt to visually show extra context to help identify familiar tasks, work-streams or even team members.

[VZB-3152]: Holidays

Showing holidays highlights days in projects where little or no work can be done. Enabling you to manage resource more effectively. Holidays can be added from a field, or by entering a list.

- [VSP-1258]: Gantt chart problem with parentheses characters in events

Some punctuation characters in event names prevented the gantt from rendering

- [VSP-1203]: Gantt Chart does not render when duplicate event names are used

Duplicated event names (across different groups) prevented the gantt from rendering

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