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Custom Report - allow dim/measure without group

it would be good if you somehow could have a few fields outside of a group when you use the new grouping feature in 3.4 (supergood feature!).

One example would be BusinessUnit / Company dimension - they are the only relevant fields in a possible "organization" group but adding them to a group adds an extra click for the end-user.

My suggestion would be that all fields without any tag should be visible without any grouping  when you have set "Show uncatigorized" to Hide.

In the screenshot below i have not added any tag to "BU" so it ends up in my uncatigorized group called "General". I would rather have them in the list without any group.


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  • So, something like hide group label? Would look kind of weird with groups that don't have a header though or how do you envision that?

    You could just sort uncategorized (General) to the top like you do now and leave it open?

  • Hi Michael and thanks for a quick response. Hide Group Label might work - but i rather go with a 3 selection possibility for "show uncategorized" - Hide/show/show without (group label).

    I don't quite follow you with the "hide group label" and the weirdness with groups without any header - a blank header would of course look weird (and will not solve the problem with the group label taking up unnecessary space for a single dim group). My vision about the feature would be that "General" is removed (yellow in screenshot);


    Leave the "General" open is of course a fully functional workaround - will go for that (im the mean time ;))

  • We agree and have now implemented this feature in the latest release. It is now possible to (in each dataset) hide the header of the first group for the dimension and/or measure groups.

    Thank you for your engagement and valuable input! :-) 

    Kind regards


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