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Vizlib Filter v3.1.1 released!

Release Date: 24/01/20

- [VSP-1240]: Vizlib Filter Title hover-over Missing

Showing full text on hover was missing from version 3.x.x and now has returned

- [VSP-1136]: Field Label not displayed when using expressions with strings/quotes

Some expressions were not evaluated, leaving the field name displayed instead of the custom label

- [VSP-1241]: Side menu search box is duplicated when selections are made in side menu

A “ghost” Filter search box was appearing as a duplicate, on the left-hand side of the page

- [VSP-1199]: Snapshots of Filters, when used in stories were mutable (respond to selections)

Filter snapshots were responsive to selection

- [VSP-1273]: Actions were not working when Display type was set to ‘Buttongroup’.

Action not working in button group mode

- [VSP-1180]: Qlik Sense Feb 19 - Maximize and Snapshot Icons Always Displaying

Disabling the native icons had no effect

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