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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.1.0 released!

Release Date: 03/02/20

- [VSP-571]: Implement Top Menu Tooltip 

Custom tooltips can be shown to provide a description of sheets to uses before navigating between sheets

- [VSP-1234]: Sheet title not displaying correct text on Vizlib Sheet top menu bar

The sheet title was displayed instead of the custom title expression

- [VSP-1283]: Object in Canvas has no effect in some scenarios

Hide/show object in canvas 

- [VSP-1280]: Breadcrumbs not permanently displayed after navigating sheets

Breadcrumbs disappear when changing sheets

- [VSP-1236]: Sheet Menu interferes with native sheet menu / app overview

Intermittent CSS layout issue in app overview

- [VSP-1221]: Font size not matching settings when using variables

Font size not using variable for hover/selection mode on top menu items

- [VSP-1214]: Sheet menu title truncated (cut off) even when there is space available to use

Menu Title did not take up all available space

- [VSP-1165]: Display conditions not working when using variables

Show/Hide conditions were not activating when using variables

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