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Vizlib Finance Report v2.4.0 released!

Release Date: 08/02/20

- [FR-1314]: Implement Stripes

Sets every other row to different color. This feature enables the user to add striped rows in the finance report. It can be added to normal and expanded rows. Any specific Row Styles with for example bold text or a separate background color will override the stripes.

- [FR-1286]: Allow totals on first dimension

Totals can now be used on the first dimension

- [FR-1310], [FR-1313] : Implement context menu in mashup

A right-click context menu has been added to mashups, formatted export can now be accessed from mashups

- [FR-1264]: Add option to open links in the same tab

A new option has been added to open links in the same tab

- [FR-1308]: Exports no longer include bold and italics

Export was missing some formatting on text

- [FR-1316]: Resolve IE11 compatibility issues

Some methods were not working properly in IE11

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