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Improved Sheet Menu capabilities

  1. Can Menu Items be maintained in some kind of backend or template as opposed to manually updating 
  2. When jumping to a different application via a Go To URL function it would be nice if there was a default way to feed in selections
  3. When going to a new app with a Sheet Menu it takes a few seconds before the Sheet Menu shows up

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  • Hi Ronen,

    1. No small job but this is up for consideration (we already store it in the properties, so there is room for some flexibility with an advanced mode, but this may be limited...)

    2. This is possible... requires getting current selections and formatting them. You can build the URL out so that selections can be included in the URL, allowing selections to be applied to the next app. Whilst the URL length is limited, we do wish to provide functionality like this in future 

    3. This is the expected behaviour of extensions in Qlik Sense, they load after all other Qlik components have loaded. 

    Extensions load top left to bottom right, so if the Sheet Menu is positioned in the top left, then it will load faster, there is an option in global settings to hide it from the canvas, once you enabled this, it will start loading before any other extension, this is highly recommended for the best Vizlib Experience

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