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Overlap Ordering on Bar Chart


I am currently using the overlapping feature on the bar chart - with the bars reducing in size which is great.  The slight tweak I would like size of the bars to match to the layers building up the overlapping bar.

At the minute the layer order is correct but the size is swapping 2nd and 3rd measures around, meaning the thin bar is being hid

Putting this in as a feature request - but think it might be a bug?



  • The ordering of the bars is not correct, but we are currently supporting only 2 measures when the Vizlib Bar Chart is set to "Overlap". The picture attached to your post is a bug that should be fixed in the v2.3.3 of our Vizlib Bar Chart. You should then see two overlapped bars (instead of three). Hopefully, we will be able to support more measures with the "Overlap" option in future evolutions of this visualization. Thanks for sharing! 

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