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Vizlib Table v3.6.8 released!

Release Date: 27/02/20

- [LIB-3576]: Improve CSS naming system

Small enhancement to reduce the likelihood of clashes when using mashups/themes (changes to  main-container  classes)

- [LIB-3713]: Support for Qlik Sense November 2018 Patch 2

Was not able to reorder columns in the table

- [LIB-3769]: "Hypercube results are too large" after converting a Qlik table to a Vizlib Table

An error was thrown by Qlik when converting large Qlik tables to Vizlib Tables

- [LIB-4084] , [LIB-5125] : Misaligned header lines

Misalignment of header occurred  

- [LIB-5073]: Zero Axis not displayed in the Mini Chart

Changing the setting for zero axis in minicharts did not have any effect

- [LIB-4532]: Duplicated Zero when using Formatted as Number

Additional 0 digits were shown in some exports when number formatting was applied

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