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Vizlib Bar Chart v2.3.4 released!

Release Date: 03/03/20

- [LIB-4371]: When there's no data available, the chart doesn't re-render

The bar chart did not flag to the user when no data was available, it showed data from the last selection state

- [LIB-4496]: Changes in Y-axis line change also the font color field 

Changing the Y-axis altered the font color

- [LIB-4439]: VizLib Bar chart auto font color not working on bar values, in IE11

Auto font color (text black or white) did not work in IE11

- [LIB-4495]: Using variable with Qlik expression shows black instead of the intended color

X-axis line color not working with variables and with input hex color code 

- [LIB-4329]: Drill down field is not displaying the last dimension label

Last dimension label missing in drill-down

- [LIB-5012]: Reference line hidden behind bars 

Reference line was incorrectly shown behind bars

- [LIB-1225]: Show/Hide Snapshot & Fullscreen not working

Show/Hide disable buttons were not working

- [LIB-4433]: axis scale displays too much margin at the ends of the axis 

Axis left too much margin/whitespace at the end of the chart on some scales

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