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Vizlib Actions in the Vizlib Calendar

Add ability to select "any items on or after a certain date" in the date range functionality.  For example, the ability to select a range with a title of "On or after date" where the user can then click on a single date and it will automatically pick up any and all items that meet that criteria.

This would negate the need for users to have to re-select date ranges every time they look at a sheet.

This should be one of the pre-set ranges that are automatically offered with the Calendar (along with Last 7 Days, Last Month, MTD, YTD and Last 12 Months).

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  • Hi Ruth

    Thanks for raising this with us

    We're investing what is possible here. We may not be able to add the preset option in, but we'll be able to advise a solution with the same outcome which uses the "select in field" action

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  • Any update on this?

  • Hi, 
    doesn't a range of next X days , answers this demand ?

  • Hi L,


    The name “Next” implies that it picks up dates for the next x periods based on the current date – a rolling, forward-facing selection (I assume for data such as projected sales or anticipated class enrollments and so on).  Is this in some way dependent on the existence of data points that have a future date?  When I try to set it for the next 6 months, nothing is selected and no criterion is added to the parameters list at the top.  Please note that all of our data is in the past…we don’t deal in future data.


    Further, I need the ability to start the data selection on any date, past or future.  For example, I’d like to create a report that starts on Jan 1, 2020 and continues forward indefinitely.


    So here are a couple of functional questions:

    Is there a way for users to enter dates in the date fields themselves and if so, can they use a future date in the second box?  If the date fields themselves allowed users to enter dates, they could enter 1/1/2020 in the “From” box and 12/31/2022 in the “To” box.




    Conceptually, it looks like the From – To option would work but it requires hard-coded dates.  Is there a way to use variables for the From and To values?  Doing so would allow a user to create a report based on this, that and the other parameters with a specified date range (which spans both past and future) and a different report with different parameters and a different date range.  I THINK our version (June 2020) would allow for date ranges to be captured as part of a bookmark but I can’t test it based on how I’m trying to use it now.


    As it stands now, I can’t create a dynamically set date range.

  • "Conceptually, it looks like the From – To option would work but it requires hard-coded dates.  Is there a way to use variables for the From and To values?"

    I've requested the feature to use variables with the VizLib Calendar. It was a part of native QlikView but omitted in QlikSense. Here's hoping they look into it some more. It would solve a ton of issues for our environment. 

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