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Vizlib Actions in the Vizlib Calendar

Add ability to select "any items on or after a certain date" in the date range functionality.  For example, the ability to select a range with a title of "On or after date" where the user can then click on a single date and it will automatically pick up any and all items that meet that criteria.

This would negate the need for users to have to re-select date ranges every time they look at a sheet.

This should be one of the pre-set ranges that are automatically offered with the Calendar (along with Last 7 Days, Last Month, MTD, YTD and Last 12 Months).

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  • Hi Ruth

    Thanks for raising this with us

    We're investing what is possible here. We may not be able to add the preset option in, but we'll be able to advise a solution with the same outcome which uses the "select in field" action

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