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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.10.3 released!

Release Date: 10/03/20

- [LIB-3768]: Export icon not displayed 

Export icon was missing from Qlik Sense November 2018

- [LIB-4994]: Icons not exported when measure is blank

Icons not exported when measure expression returns nulls

- [LIB-3865]: Dimension Sorting doesn't work

Sorting was not working in some configurations of the pivot table which had multiple dimensions with custom sorting

- [LIB-3688], [LIB-4196] : Vizlib Pivot Table object appears out of object bounds

Vizlib Pivot Table Overlapped with other extension when minimised

- [LIB-3903]: Formatted export not working in MS Edge

Formatted export had an unrecognised file format on Edge Browser

- [LIB-4197]:Vizlib Pivot some Identical dimension values are not getting merged

Pivot cell merging did not work across all dimensions

- [LIB-3957]: Condition coloring not working

Pivot tables conditional coloring returned only a false value

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