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Vizlib Sheet Menu - Freeze selection bar on extended sheet (prevent scrolling issue)

hiwhen using long extended sheets , to be able to  freeze app native  current selection bar  through - Vizlib Sheet Menu

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  • I had the same issue in one of my app. What I did was to create a new theme and used css to freez the selection bar.

    I have attached the theme here.

    (1.73 KB)
  • many thanks Metti

    it solvs the current selection problem but changes the layout dramaticly as we use another theme QS native Focus theme. 

    + it hides part of the top menu bar


    again thank you

  • Hi Metti

    We achieved the same result last year when we started looking at this. I have very similar code, but the key issue we have was that the z-index would be inherited from parents in Qlik Sense Objects.

    What this meant was, providing this feature dis-allowed the selection confirmation window, blocking multi-select ability, you can see in the image below it appears behind the selection bar

  • Hi Metti,

    I've taken some time to investigate this and the problem with the selection bar may possibly have a workaround. I have marked this as planned

    This would likely be an optional & experimental feature if we can deliver this without impacting on other elements, since this further modifies the layout of objects on the sheet. 

  • Hi Piers,

    I am using below css in my apps and it is working fine for me

    Maybe you can also test it for you app.



    /* Fix the selection bar on the top with scrolling */

    .qv-panel-current-selections {

        position: fixed !important;

        width: 100% !important;

        z-index: 51 !important;



    /* Since selection bar is freezed, add extra margin to show the top of the page */

    .qv-panel-content.flex-row {

        margin-top: 33px !important;


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