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Vizlib Collaboration v1.3.2 released!

Release Date: 12/03/20

- [CLB-702]: [Enterprise Only] Editing comment is causing comments list to reload to newest comments

When user edited comments, currently visible comments were refreshed and extension was scrolling down to the most recent comment which in some situations could cause user to no longer see comment which they just have edited. With that fix, list of comments will not scroll down to the bottom.

- [CLB-341]: [Enterprise Only] User is able to edit a comment in the way that it contains only new lines
Validation has been fixed, it won't be possible anymore.

- [CLB-994]: [Enterprise Only] Comments email distribution UI fixes
In some scenarios when distributing comments via email, extension could show suggestions from outside of allowed domain. Such distributions were still rejected by the server, so there was no security concern - we now fixed the UI part, so there is no confusion for the users.

- [CLB-940]: [Enterprise Only] Comment editing doesn't work for safari

Previously, Safari users where unable to type in text when editing comments. That has been fixed.

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