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Vizlib Bar Chart v2.3.5 released!

Release Date: 17/03/20

- [LIB-4333]: Not taking full width of the sheet

Bar chart was not using the full available width.

- [LIB-4399]: Too much white space under the x-axis in horizontal mode

Improved the margin under the x-axis.

- [LIB-4392]: Axis not displayed or too small in Horizontal mode

Minor cosmetics improvements on the axis styling.

- [LIB-4327]:  Bars displayed only when they touch the top border

Improved horizontal presentation.

- [LIB-4310]: Alternative dimensions dropdown unavailable when bar chart is a master item

Corrected MI behaviour with alternatives.

- [LIB-4480]: Duplicates values on the Bar Chart Tooltip

In some occasions the tooltip values were displayed twice.

- [LIB-5128]: Console errors after adding second Dimension to Bar Chart

Corrected console errors.

- [LIB-5208]: Duplicated Symbol values and representation

Corrected duplication of symbol markers

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