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Vizlib Gantt v1.2.0 released!

Release Date: 03/04/20

- [VGT-167]: Support color expressions at event level

- [VGT-161]: Allow repetition of event names / use of Event ID

Fixes an issue with requesting duplicated event names 

Event ID should be unique. Events appear as bars or milestones in the timeline. Events can have a start and an end date and are best used to visualise project tasks

Event name will appear inside event bars. If this field is empty, then the name will be taken from the event ID field.

- [VGT-75]: Advanced event coloring

Event bars in the Vizlib Gantt can now be individually colored based on expressions

- [VGT-166]: Data limit too small - some groups and events are missing

In some cases, data from larger datasets did not appear in the gantt

- [VGT-168]: Filters don't affect the gantt

Some filters were not applying to the Vizlib Gantt

- [VGT-169]: Focus Date Gantt Chart doesn't work on some data sets

Certain data sets loaded in to the Gantt did not work with the default focus date due to difference in date formats

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