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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.3.0 released!

Release Date: 06/04/20

- [LIB-5127]: Performance analysis and improvement

The time to load and render all elements of the sheet menu in Qlik Sense has improved by up to 72%

- [LIB-1036]: Introduce On App Open Vizlib Actions

Actions are now available on application open (per sheet actions remain available also)

Please note, the sheet menu must be added to each sheet

- [LIB-5233]: Option for show/hide native Buttons in Edit Mode does not work

Forcing to show the native buttons in edit mode was not working

- [LIB-3827]: Font size not using variable for hover/selection mode on top menu items

Font size now allows variable control when using top menu items

- [LIB-5143]: Elements on Top Menu and Side Menu aren't moveable on QS Feb'20.

Property panel elements were not able to be dragged

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