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Vizlib Finance Report v3.1.0 released!

Release Date: 06/04/20

- [FR-1362]: Increase the number of possible measures to 50 instead of 25

Number of possible measures is now increased after a customer request. Please do consider when it absolutely necessary to have that many measures and do not use in combination with a top dimension of more than 199 unique values! Max number of active columns in the Finance Report is still "only" 10 000 but you can have as many million rows as you like. :-)

- [FR-819]: Further improve dimension title to include breadcrumb

The dimension title can now display all dimensions used on sub-levels. You can also choose the separator.

- [FR-1341]: Icons are in some situations allocated to the wrong measures

The indicators and bars accidentally jumped a value column.

- [FR-1322]: Missing icons on Dimension drop-down

Of course even sub-dimensions should have nice little icons!

- [FR-1339]: Horizontal scroll not always available

Previously using horizontal scoll bar required a scroll to the bottom of the table. That was of course not intentional and is now fixed. Horizontal scoll is always available when needed.

- [FR-1324]: Incorrect behavior of border type.

Sometimes the border would not show up correctly until page was refreshed. Leading to ugly hacks or simply a missing line. No longer so.

- [FR-1363]: Background color breaks Finance Report in new sheet

This was a lot trickier to find than it sounds since it only occurred in some very special situations. Now it should work properly for everyone!

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