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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.9.1 - Alternative Measures and visible labels

Hi All,

I am wondering weather it is possible to display the label for the measure/s currently plotted in a pivot table?

In my case I have created a pivot table with 1 row, 2 columns and multiple alternate measures.


From the edit table menu you can see what measure is being presented in the table, but I was hoping for something more prominent that does not require opening the edit panel.


Under the Appearance > Columns/Rows Definition properties there is a checkbox "Show all measure titles" but all this does is is add the empty row between the column headers and first measure row as seen in the first image above.

  • Just to add to the above, the empty row displayed when "Show all measure titles" is checked is only blank when there is a single measure. When multiple are selected this displays titles correctly.

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  • Hi Taylor,

     Sorry for the delay in response.
    I would recommend adding this as a feature request in our community, where users can upvote requested features, which may then get added to our product roadmap. Feature requests will still come through support and we will stay in touch via email just as normal, we ask that they are posted in the community since this is a public forum, sharing is caring! Please note that feature requests are subject to review by our Product team. You can find our feature request forum here:

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  • Hi Vaisaali,

    Is this feature already added? On using a single measure, I can see a blank row added and the measure title does not get displayed.With multiple measures it works fine.
    Any workaround possible for displaying the title for a single measure?



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