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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.3.1 released!

Release Date: 14/04/20

- [LIB-5545]: Hide from sheet not applied to mobile view

Hide empty object area for the Vizlib Sheet Menu does not work on mobile view

- [LIB-5536]: Hide search option not working for mobile 

The toggle for hiding the search was not being applied to mobile view

- [LIB-5535]: Mobile side menu shows "no items" in the side menu (doesn't specify which items are empty)

Mobile side menu shows "no items" message when side menu configuration not complete. 

We now inform the user where the items are missing, so that configuration can be completed more easily.

- [LIB-4200]: Native multi-dimension filter overlaps other master items in the side menu

The height for native filters was set to the height of a single dimension, although other dimensions could be added, these are now scrollable

- [LIB-5431]: Sheet names which are part of groups are not immediately updated

If the sheet is part of a group (top menu bar), the sheet name button does was not updated immediately: it required being hoverered over

- [LIB-3824]: Vizlib Sheet Menu mobile - selections header is missing

Selections icon was missing from view

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