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Vizlib Venn Diagram v1.6.5 released!

Release Date: 17/04/20

- [LIB-2585]: Alternate state icon missing

The new alternate state icon was missing in recent versions of Qlik Sense

- [LIB-5246]: Vizlib Venn doesn't update when the measure value turns to zero

The visualisation did not update when the result was zero, it kept showing the previous selection state

- [LIB-5640]: Incorrect displaying UserID on the diagram after extend the sheet

displayed unnecessary information after extending sheet

- [LIB-5642]: Dimension value and dimension labels overlapped in some cases

Distance between dimensions names was smaller than before, after interactions

- [LIB-5641]: Incorrect displaying of Venn Diagram in edit mode

Flickering occurred in the visualisation during edit mode

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