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Vizlib Collaboration v1.5.0 released!

Release Date: 17/04/20

- [CLB-1044]: Collaboration Threads

Threads allow you to organise discussions around specific messages and group all relevant replies without clogging the chat. It allows people to join in conversations at a later time and keeps the context intact. 

- [CLB-1053]: Comment sharing improvements

Sharing is now available for every comment visible to the user. Meaning that previously created comments can be shared multiple times by using different integrations (slack, email and teams). Email and slack also support attaching replies for comments with thread.

- [CLB-1079]: [Enterprise only] Deleting a comment is causing comments list to scroll to the newest

Deleting a comment was causing list of comments to scroll to the newest comment, so that previously visible comments could disappear.

- [CLB-978]: [Enterprise only] Using Vizlib Table allong with Vizlib Collaboration breaks some workflow icons in Collaboration

- [CLB-1091]: [Professional and Enterprise only] Sometimes comments are not loaded upon scroll
In some screen resolutions previous comments were not loaded upon scrolling, message 'Loading comments' was appearing and nothing was happening.

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