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Vizlib Button v1.1.0 released!

Release Date: 04/05/20

- [LIB-3410]: Vizlib Actions NEW: "API Integration" (Get/post/PUT request) 

Check out the documentation, which includes an easy how-to guide and must-read material to help you get started fast

- [LIB-5344]: New action: Sleep

A new sleep action has been added to allow a delay between actions running. A great use case of this is combined with API Integration actions, where waiting some time for a response from an API endpoint works best.

- [LIB-5691]:  Property Panel Search

Searching is now possible in the property panel. Enter a term like "color" to find all mentions of color in the property panel

- [LIB-5100]: Vizlib Button needs the ability to control the font color to align with the individual buttons active/inactive state

Individual font color can be set now per button item, alongside the fallback global font color rule

- [LIB-5543]: Simple tooltip

Tooltip functionality has been added to add description to each buttons without requiring the text on the screen

- [LIB-5483]: Allow alternate states in button actions

Alternate states manager has been added

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