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Vizlib Bar Chart v2.5.1 released!

Release Date: 04/05/20

- [LIB-5573]: Scroll preview Incomplete when using custom colors

Showed only one bar when using custom colors 

- [LIB-5359]: Duplicated values in tooltip with single measures

In some configurations, single measures displayed with "Sum of positives" alongisde the corresponding value resulting in a duplicate tooltip value

- [LIB-5209]: Column "2" shifts to column "1" location when column "1" has null value 

Column alignment was not retained when a column was null/missing

- [LIB-5379]: Legends colours do not appear Vizlib Bar Chart 2.3.3c

Legend colors for custom colored bar charts displayed as black

- [LIB-5380]: Number formatting separators not appearing as set in load script

Vizlib Bar Chart did not follow the separators set by the load editor when axis tick format is 10.00k

- [LIB-5432]: Y-axis labels font size updated when number of bars change

Font size unexpectedly responsive when chart content changed

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