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Vizlib Finance Report v3.2.0 released!

Release Date: 07/05/20

- [FR-1371]: Add setting for vertical margin of rows

The height of the rows can now be controlled wither with a few simple options or a custom setting with number of pixels.

 - [FR-1377]: Support Qlik Sense Cloud user profiles in comments 

Users are handled differently in Cloud. We can now get a user name also in Cloud when using comments for Finance.

- [FR-1376]: Finance Report Export to Excel Background Color

When exporting to Excel the background color will now always follow.

- [FR-1372]: Vertical padding added to fill object

When the page was not filled with rows the Finance Report tried to add more spacing. This is fixed and we took the opportunity to add more settings (see above)

- [FR-1337]: Collapsed columns in export file when header is hidden

Sometimes the columns would be very tiny in the Excel export.

- [FR-1374]: Background color not set when separate measure has calculation condition set to false

Jumping between columns is bad. So we don't do that anymore.

- [FR-1373]: Columns misaligned in firefox

Small visual bugg in Firefox is now fixed

- [FR-1364]: IE - Border type is not displayed in the property panel + borders not displaying correctly

Internet Explorer specific bug with incorrect borders

- [FR-1367]: Column width should expand/decrease

Column width should not decrease when scrolling through the data. It will now expand when finding longer rows but will not decrease simply because those rows are no longer on the screen. Makes the scrolling much nicer and appear faster.

- [FR-1328]: Export from Finance Report get extra decimals in some situations

Export formats in Excel are complex. For all those cases where it is hard to know what should be done it is now possible to set the export to Excel as text format.

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