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Assign Actions to as many Vizlib library objects as possible

Dear Vizlib Team,

we are working on a request of a client that wishes to jump to another sheet when clicking on one dimension entry in a barchart.

The first possibility would be to include actions into the barchart which is not possible at the moment - that would be absolutely nice if you can provide that!

The second possibility is to put the barchart into a Vizlib Container Grid as a master object and then assign an action to that. Unfortunately, the list of actions doesn't include the possibility to jump to another sheet (see the file FeatureRequest.PNG attached).

It would be very nice to assign the  actions to as many Vizlib library objects as possible and also the action to jump to other sheets in the Vizlib Container Grid.

Kind Regards,


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  • Thanks David for your feedback!

    We'd love to have Vizlib Actions in more visualisations and this is now planned.

    We'll also be bringing more actions to the container grid, I'm happy to say this was already on the roadmap

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