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Be able to use 'Value colors' from Master Item's dimensions

It looks like from the  Vizlib Bar Chart v.2.4.0 onwards is possible to use Dimension Colors from the master items (dimensions) but it's still not possible to use the Value colors from the Master item (dimensions) as showing below.


This is a functionality that QS native charts have but not Vizlib charts. 

That would be very useful to keep the colors consistent across the charts when using specific HEX colors when values in the dimensions change based on the selection of the user. On the contrary, using Comma separated list of HEX colors from Vizlib charts will require multiple if-else conditions to make a simple task which could be accomplished with the Values colors from the Master Items.

(25.4 KB)

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  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks for the feedback. This is a planned feature, unfortunately we don't have a firm date set in stone. Regardless, it is on the roadmap

  • Hi Piers,

    When will this be released. I saw that you can use Master Item Expression colors, but I need Master Item Dimension colors to work. Can you spread some light when this will be available?


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