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Export Data without Measure - Vizlib Table

Hi Team,

We have a requirement where we want to use one of the master measures  in the Vizlib Table and should be ignored while exporting the table. Please note the measure is used to set limitation to the dimension (Limitation-->Relative Value).

Though we have two options to hide column but it doesn't fit for our requirement.

Option 1: we set the calculation condition to 0 --> The column is not calculated. Consequence: it is not included in the Excel export file and the dimensions are no longer using the measure for filtering ( under the dimension limitation dropdown)


Option 2: We set the Visibility condition to 0 --> The column is hidden. Consequence: it is included in the Excel export file and the dimensions can still use the "hidden" measure to do the filtering calculation ( under the dimension limitation dropdown)

Can we get it accommodated please. Measure should be in use for calculation and at the same time while exporting the table the column shouldn't  be present in the exported data.


  • Hi Sarvjeet

    Thanks for your feedback,

    Your request relates to how data is loaded from Qlik, we do rely on Qlik to pull the data and this filtering that you require (relative value) is done by Qlik. Both options are delivered by Qlik (specifically Qlik's Engine, returning hypercube results), this, unfortunately, means that we are limited to what features Qlik can provide.

    A workaround may be to use a calculated dimension, for example, the expression below filters on year, without showing the value for the year. I appreciate this may not work for all desired filtering, set analysis can also be used as a workaround.

    if( [Year] > 2015, [Month], null() )

    I have seen demand for this in the Qlik community and I would encourage you to raise this request with Qlik, if they can provide such a method, we'd be happy to review and see where we can use this across our products

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