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Background in Line Chart



I have a feature request for the background in a line chart. I want to build a line chart with a range around the line. So, I have an upper and a lower limit. I add three measures, one for the line, one for the upper limit and one for the lower limit. I can color it as an area, but then the whole area is colored, but I want only colored between the lower and the upper limit. So, I can add the lower limit once again and say that’s an area which is colored white, but then I don’t see the grid. I would like to color only the range between the upper and lower limit an under the lower limit I want to see the grid in white color. I attached a example picture how I want to have it.

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  • Great idea, Chris! I was trying to make a similar chart a few weeks ago.
  • Hi Chris!

    Thanks for the feedback, this was added to the roadmap very recently so this is already on our radar

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