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Vizlib Gantt - question about two different looks I'd like to achieve

Hello. I was wondering if I could achieve some new looks in Vizlib based on our Senior Management's preferences? See the attached file for a visual representation of the following two questions. 

1) Is there any way to show the milestones within the same bar? I have tried several ways and have had no luck. I tried the custom milestones and they did not go on the bar. I tried custom periods but they were not the same size as the bar. We would like to split the bar into 5 sections which shows the different milestones (Milestone 1-5).

2) Is there a way to show the difference if there is a new start date/end date vs. an original start date/end date on the bar? Our team would like to be able to pick two colors to show on the same bar. We would like to show if there was an acceleration/delay for a certain project in a different color. For example, the project's original start/end date would be shaded green. The project's new start/end date would be shaded red.  

Thank you in advance. 


Cristina Boyle 


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  • Hi Cristina!

    Thanks for taking the time to create that doc, I've created two separate feature specs which I have shared with our development team based on your feedback. Marking this feature request as planned

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