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Unexpected result on KPI Indicator Threshold

Hi everyone!

Vizlib has been a wonderful addition to Qlik Sense in our company so thank you for creating it.

I have, however, been struggling with the Indicator Threshold in the KPI builder.

The code I'm using is the following:        


I've used this code successfully in the 'target-value' layer as it shows "6,5". When I manually type "6.5" in the Indicator Threshold box, the conditions (greater than icon, less than icon & equal icon) react perfectly as expected. But when I use the code in the Indicator Threshold, it always shows the equal icon (doesn't detect the value).

Could this be related to the fact that we use a comma as decimal symbol and a dot for digit grouping?

I appear to be using KPI Designer 1.8.0.

  • Well, setting the following parameters in Data load editor did seem to fix it:


    SET ThousandSep=',';
    SET DecimalSep='.';

     Yet this isn't an ideal solution. Is there any way I can clarify to this extension that it should consider a comma as decimal separator?

  • Hi Timmy

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this.  I've converted this into a ticket (18786) and the team are currently looking into this and will revert shortly.  My sincerest apologies on the delay.

    Thanks and Kind Regards


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