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Options to create dynamic selections in calendar

Currently, if we select a date range (like "Last 7 days"), the selection contains those last 7 days (for exemple, from the 1st to the 8th of May). This is fine except that if a user is bookmarking his selection, he is excepting to also have the last 7 days when he calls back his bookmark few days later (for example from the 3rd to the 10th).

This could be achieved using a formula like  =num([Report Date])>=$(=Num(Max([Report Date],7)))

But this is difficult to ask to users to enter such search criteria.

So, my proposal is to have in the date range properties, the ability to enter our own custom expressions.

  • Hi Vincent

    Thanks for your message, this is already possible, please see below. The start and end date of the range is customisable.

    You mentioned using this in bookmarks, however, Qlik's bookmarks save specific selected values. This is the way that bookmarks work so all Qlik customers currently have to work around this behaviour.

    One workaround for the bookmarks issue is to have a flag in your data for last 7 days, then selected that in the bookmark

  • Thanks for your feedback.

    But this is not exactly what I was thinking of. I was more thinking to a kind of select values action where we can put a single expression. With your method, the bookmark still contains the list of values.

    See, if I'm using my expression below    =num([Report Date])>=$(=Num(Max([Report Date],7)))   in the search box of my field [Report Date] like this:


    Then, if I create a bookmark, it contains my formula not the distinct values:


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