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VizLib Calendar - Allow the Use of Variables as Date Field

Requesting the ability to use Variables for Dimension in the "VizLib Calendar" object. Allowing the calendar to update a variable would offer a similar experience to QlikView.

  • VizLib Calendar only allows you to use a Dimension as the "Date Field"
  • QlikSense Date Picker only allows you to use a Dimension as the "Date Field"
  • QlikView allows you to use Dimensions or Variables as the "Date Field"

Variables are cleaner as they're not treated as selections that show across all sheets and will not affect all objects. We explicitly want the date picker to only be relevant on a single sheet or defined objects, which variables can do since they're explicitly referred to in expressions/measures. Allowing Variables as the "Date Field" would accomplish this.

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  • I'd love to see if the staff is willing to revisit this request. There was another request for this 2 years back, so it seems to be a feature that the community would like to see.

    It is sometimes not feasible to use a single calendar dimension with your data model, which is where variables are able to close that gap. 

  • We would like to see this capability as well!

  • Yes, please.  It would solve our need to view historical KPIs by date.

    This is available as a Qlik Extension, so it would be nice to be incorporated into VizLib.

  • Does the below description answer the requirements in the ticket:

    1. variable is added to the calendar as dimension. 
    2. Calendar is limited to single value
    3. range of date of the calendar will be set automatically with no relation to a certain field 

    According to the above description, If you'll want to select a range the user will have to add to calendar objects that allow single date selection\update

    Would this work to answer the ticket requirements 

  • Liron,

    Hello. Yes, that configuration would fit our ticket requirements. However, for point #3. I do think that we would like to be able to customize the minimum/maximum values in the calendar, to prevent the user from picking dates that would not return useful results. In the VizLib Calendar today, there is a section for "Date Range" where you can tick it from "Auto" to "Custom" and choose the Min/Max Date. We would still want to leverage these options. 

    And I agree. If you need date range functionality, you simply provide the users with two calendar objects for start/end date(s). 

    Thank You


  • Chris,
    Thank you for your response,
    We'll look into this request and see if we can deliver it with the current build of the calendar. 

  • Hi Liron,

    Is there any news here?

    I'm waiting for the calendar to resolve my date variables.


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