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Vizlib Custom Report v4.2.1 released!

Release Date: 25/05/20

- [VSS-692]: Add timer setting for Analytic Search auto-complete

Some type faster and some type slower. Now you can choose how fast the auto-complete should interpret your text. You can also turn if off and then you will always have to confirm what you have typed in by pressing Enter.

- [VSS-577]: Design improvements

The design has now been updated and the data-sets are moved to the hamburger menu at the top left!

- [VSS-641]: Improved design of property panel visualization selection

The property panel was getting crowded with all visualizations that are possible for the Custom Report. We cleaned it up a bit and created a new design.

- [VSS-553]: Add Vizlib Table to the Custom Report

You want to use the nice looking Vizlib Table with indicators and data bars in your Custom Report? Now you can! :-) 

- [VSS-741]: Defer Layout visualization switching issue

The defer-layout feature was not playing nice with the updating of visualizations. That is now fixed.

- [VSS-745]: Conflict between VL Finance and VL Custom Report

Sometime you would get an "invalid visualization" message when using Custom Report and Finance Report together. 

- [VSS-687]: In specific case Analytic Search add dimension instead of supplementary tags.

- [VSS-744]: Sorting measures in Analytic Search input bar doesn't work for some visualizations

- [VSS-739]: Access Denied on server in "random" cases

- [VSS-713]: Dim/Meas. search field not displayed when data set is hidden

- [VSS-693]: Conflict between Vizlib Table and Custom Report

Similar to the conflict with with Finance Report but this only generated a console log error.

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