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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.5.0 released!

Release Date: 05/06/20

- [LIB-5553]: Set default sizing of extension object spacing in mobile view

Non-native objects in Qlik Sense mobile must all have the same height - this is a rule set by Qlik. We offer the option to set this default sizing, but is at a global level for non-native objects.

- [LIB-5802]:  Property Panel Search

Searching is now possible in the property panel. Enter a property like "color" to find all of the color settings at once

Vizlib Property Panel Search 

- [LIB-5690]: Pivot table doesn't load when navigating to a sheet using Sheet Menu

In some cases, Vizlib Pivot table did not load when the sheet menu was on the sheet

- [LIB-5972]: Can not show/hide side menu filter based on a variable value set by top menu items

Show/hide conditions were not working with some types of variables

 Vizlib Sheet Menu Documentation