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pivot table improvement


Currently the button that provide a list of hidden dimensions and measures to be picked up, is very useful. 

However,  there is no way for a user after changing the dimensions and/or measures, to freeze/save (and only fir him)  the "new" structure of the pivot table.  He needs to do the manipulation each time he enters in the app ,which is not very efficient.

Any chance to  be able to change the default structure for a user ? 

I suppose this is not possible, but I ask :)

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  • Hi Bosc,

    Good news! This is possible by saving bookmarks for configured views

    When reopening a bookmark, each view is reopened with the respective bookmark

  • Hello,

    sorry bookmark  does not solve this request... Bookmark only restore filters applied, but doesn't keep the structure of the fields (dim and measure) in the pivot table...

    For example 

    * I have a dim WEEK displayed in the pivot table

    * I have a dim MONTH hidden

    * I  hide WEEK (via the little button and window dedicacted for that)

    * I use and display MONTH

    * I create a bookmark

    * I close and reopen the app

    * I apply  the bookmark

    * I expect to see the MONTH column displayed --> But the WEEK column is displayed (default behavior)

    So let me know how I could proceed , if this features is already available (but I doubt) ?

    Thank you

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    We'll investigate, I'll mark this is planned for now until we know more

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  • Well noted, it would be a great improvement, really !

    I'm wondering however how you will deal that  if you have several pivot tables. Is the bookmark created will be able to "save" the structure applied on diferents pivot tables ? This would be fantastic.

  •  Assuming this is in reference to the "Alternatives" option in the pivot table, I wholeheartedly endorse these being saved as a bookmark. Currently the only option given to users is to duplicate their own sheet with the changes, then enter edit mode and apply the changes - not particularly straightforward and only available to Professional license users. Being able to save the structure via bookmark would be exceedingly helpful.

    I'd also like to add a related suggestion : It would be great if the Table object could also remember adjustments to its structure (changed column order, column resize, sort, etc) via bookmark (if the Table object ever gets Alternatives, then it would be great if those could be bookmarked as well).

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