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Combo Chart - Allow to disable mini chart

I would like to disable the mini chart in the Combo Chart object, or at least make it a scroll bar like in native Qlik object. I have limited space and don't need to view the historical distribution and thus want to have only the Qlik native scroll bar instead (or simply no scrolling at all). I don't want to limit the number of displayed values in the dimension and there are too many of them to be fit altogether within the same view (so users have to scroll).

By mini chart I mean the chart at the bottom of this combo chart that shows the distribution of the data:



And I want to be able to disable it from this chart and make it look like this:


  • Hi Qiuyue

    Thanks for your feedback,

    This is already possible in our bar chart and combo chart, the scroll preview option at the bottom of the image is the one to turn off

  • Hi Piers, I realised I didn't phrase it clear enough: there are in total 14 bars (of each day in the past 2 weeks) in the bar chart/combo chart, and by default (at launch) I only want to show the most recent 7 day bars. I cannot limit the number of bars in the chart directly because I'm using Above() function to overlap last week values on top of current week values which requires the previous 7 day bars to be included in the chart itself. I'm hoping to have a scroll bar which takes up less space than a mini chart and set the max bar shown in the page to be 7 days to solve the issue. The scroll bar I'm talking about is just the same as the native Qlik bar like in the attached picture


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