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Individual Forecasting of each Line in a Line Chart

Dear Vizlib Team,

one of our customers wants to compare a predicted/forecasted line with a target and a previous year line in a Vizlib Line Chart. Thus, for each measure line, it has to be decided whether it needs to be forecasted or not. In the current version of the Vizlib Line Chart, a forecast can only be handled globally.. 

So, the feature request is to handle forecasting behavior for each measure individually.


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  • Hi Beat,

    Thanks for your feedback,

    This is something we want to do and I have marked this as planned, we would use the same forecasting method and have this toggleable per measure

  • Dear Piers,

    thank you very much for the quick reply!

    Will it then also be possible to have the default time format in the tooltip of the forcasted values? Our format is for example  "12.01.2020" but the Vizlib Line Chart format in the tooltip is "1/12/2020" which is very irritating for Germans...


  • Hi Beat,

    This is now possible in the latest version of the line chart, with new linear regression modes and scenario analysis modes

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