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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.6.0 released!

Release Date: 30/06/20

- [LIB-3503]: Sheet Menu side menu "Auto Close" option

Side Menu now offers an auto-close option (in collapsible mode) when navigating via side menu or clicking away from the side menu

- [LIB-6184]: Sheet-level CSS Styling / Branding

CSS styles are now easier than ever to add to Qlik Sense. These can be added in sheet level and turned on and off in an instant. This offers a new way to show multiple branded dashboards in a single Qlik Sense application, or offer greater accessible visual options to user.

Example app download

- [LIB-5994]: Vizlib Sheet Menu 2.4.1 isn't responsive to screen sizing

Fixed an issue with the top menu button labels not being responsive when adjusting (desktop) browser size

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