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Vizlib Gantt v1.3.0 released!

Release Date: 30/06/20

- [VGT-6]: Created new custom objects without edit mode (right click to create milestone)

Right-click on gantt to add new custom objects

- [VGT-5]: Options for Text to show Outside of the Event Bars

New property panel option to show text outside of bars

- [VGT-180]: Add option in appearance to make milestone labels visible on the object

Visibility of milestone labels are now customisable

- [VGT-9]: Add option to "fit entire gantt in export"

Full PDF export is possible for gantts that are too large to appear on screen. Fit to page must be selected during export

- [VGT-174]: Add property panel search

Searching is now possible in the Gantt property panel. Enter a property like "milestone" to find all of the milestone related settings at once

Vizlib Property Panel Search 

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