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Vizlib Writeback Table & Vizlib Form v1.0.3 released!

Release Date: 03/07/20

- [CLB-1634]: Include audit trail for Update Operator

- [CLB-1643]: Convert to field - change default behavior

- [CLB-1392]: When I change the appearance color, all tables on the same sheet are updating

- [CLB-1502]: Console errors when adding Form to Master Item.

- [CLB-1644]: [Table] Restore data from session storage deosn't work for multiple choice and radio button component

- [CLB-1647]: Writeback Table - issues with right click

- [CLB-1669]: User can't add row if not related column does not include null values

- [CLB-1671]: [Writeback Table] Export Script do not work with pagination in Insert/Overwrite

- [CLB-1688]: Writeback Table - in Update mode unable to write multiple rows back at a time - Customer issue

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