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Vizlib Table object Export issue

Hi team,


We are creating a table object in QlikSense using Vizlib table (version : 3.7.5) where we have set up an option to view 30 columns by default and we have added another 40 columns, which are hidden and displays based on the selection of dimension in a filter object. The columns will display based on the order of dimension number and it is getting displayed correctly in dashboard. Please also note that we are providing an option for the users to have 100,000 records at a maximum to display in the table object. We are facing the below issues as part of the table export.


1. The export functionality is taking a long time to export and it is not working if the number of records is more than 10000. Usually after selections and all users might be having 30 K - 40 K records for their specific filters. Could you please let me know whether you have any limitation for the table export functionality. Also I am able to export only by using "Formatted Excel Export" and all other methods are getting failed with an error message displaying "Vizlib Failed Network error". This is working fine when we have less number of records for example ~5K - 7K records.


2. Also in the table we have 30 default columns which displays every time and user will add upto 40 more fields in a drop down will add into the table based on selection. Suppose if I add 4 new columns out of 40, it will be added without any issue in the table object and users are able to view the same. But while exporting the first column header name, added out of the 4 newly added columns will be blank always. Please note we have a row number column added with the visibility option as "deprecated feature" to get the correct records. Could you please let me know whether we have any fix for this functionality.


Could you please let me know whether this is a bug in Vizlib table object or we have a defined solution on this. Any help will be highly appreciated and thank you in advance.




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